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CAE Courses, University of Tehran

CAE Courses, University of Tehran



These courses aimed at promoting the language knowledge of the applicants to reach the level of the international language exam "CAE Cambridge University" and providing the necessary content to improve the level of advanced learners. The purpose of the CAE classes is to provide the graduation certificate by the Open Educational Center of Languages ​​and Literature Faculty of Tehran University.


Course Introduction:

The Goldis Institute, in cooperation with the University of Tehran, holds the Advanced English Language Course (CAE). For those who successfully complete this course, a credible English Certificate will be issued by the Center of Open Educational Studies at Department of Literature and Languages in Tehran University. These classes are for All Graduates of Goldis (Advanced). The quality of the course is monitored and evaluated in the form of questionnaires or in person by the Center.


Course duration:

This course is held during four semesters and each semester consists of 15 sessions of 90 minutes. These courses are in fact the continuation of Advanced Goldis courses, which are optional for the applicants. The proficiency level of these courses is C1 +.


* Note: Due to the specific conditions for holding these classes, any change in the schedule of the CAE course is made in coordination with the training board. Therefore, all units are required to coordinate with the training unit before the course starts.


Course content:

While giving educational information to applicants it should be explained that this course is the advanced and the book used by is CAE Result. (CAE = Certificate in Advanced English)


Course Evaluation:

These courses have merely a final test with the estimated score 60 out of 100  and 40 remaining score is dedicated to the class activities. Classroom activities include attending classes, participating in discussions and activities, completing a workbook, and etc. 20 out of 40 is obtained  from class activities till the eighth session and the remaining 20 is obtained till the 14’th session and these two scores will be entered into attendance list in the aforesaid sessions. The total pass mark is 85 out of 100.


Issuing the certificate:

For those who successfully complete the four-semester course, after completing the CAE4 and obtaining the estimated pass mark, the certificate of the advanced English course will be issued directly by Open Educational Studies Center at Department of Literature and Languages of Tehran University. This certificate is highly valued since it is issued by the University of Tehran, one of the largest educational centers in the country. This certificate, which can be submitted to various internal organizations, is also coordinated by the Open Educational Center of Languages ​​and Literature Faculty of Tehran University. If necessary, to provide evidence to foreign institutes and organizations, all available documents can be signed and sealed at the University of Tehran and then they will be internationally applicable.


Special condition:

If some learners other than Goldis’ students want to attend these courses, they will be introduced to the quality supervisor, in addition to get the necessary guides. If they were qualified as an advanced applicant then they will be able to register in CAE1 level.




Due to the importance of this certificate, Goldis holds a special CAE graduation ceremony (preferably every three months) and give certificates to learners.