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Online Courses



This course aimed at enhancing a variety of educational services and expanding a virtual platform to provide the access to the offered courses in order to create equal opportunities for all language learners.


Course Introduction:

The goal is to increase the variety of educational services and to make language learning possible for all people with specific time and space constraints. So Goldis Institute has been designing and conducting online classes. These classes are similar to those of Goldis’ ordinary classes, but are presented for different individuals and purposes through different educational packages.



The Institute has presented 4 general packs for language training since spring semester of 1395. Here are the all the packages with their specific circumstances, duration, mode of operation, and etc., in detail:


1. Ordinary package:

For people who cannot attend to the Goldis Classes for any reason (travel, mission, saving time, etc.) and want to have one or more courses online, Goldis' ordinary pack is recommended. . In this 10-session pack, the class will be held according to the real-class curriculum and in 10th session final exam will be held. If learners get an acceptable score, they can go to Goldis to continue classes or continue with the same online option.


2. Pack International Test Preparation Classes (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.):

Students can also take online international exams without the need for presence at the institute. These classes differ from the TOEFL / IELTS classes, which mainly include issues related to the number of sessions, profiles, and final tests.

TOEFL course includes 4 semesters and each semester holds 10 sessions, IELTS course includes 4 semesters and each semester holds 10sessions , and preparation courses are held at 4 terms each one includes 15 sessions.

4. Make-up Pack:

Make-up package is provided for the learners who want to solve their specific problems in each page of the course books or specific issues (for example, grammar, or ...) before the exam. The number of make-up sessions is according to the learners’ needs is and it is confirmed by the online instructor. After confirmation of billing, this course will be held for the language learner.


Online Classes’ Procedure:

After getting enough information about the online services and packages of the institution, individuals must complete a special application form for the online course and wait for the institution to contact. Goldis Online unit, considering the conditions and specifications of the language learner, contacts with him or her. Subsequently, a placement test will be held online or in person to determine the language level of the individuals. Then the individual’s specifications and needs are assessed and the special educational package along with its price is introduced. After paying the requested amount, the applicant receives his or her class tracking code. An online instructor shares the course specifications with a teacher and then the course starts.



Rules for attending online classes:

People who register at Goldis Online Classes should obey all the rules of the institution and sign the commitment form at the beginning of the course. If the student is interrupted by the Internet, the teacher waits for the next 10 minutes to continue the classroom, if the problem is not solved, that meeting will be considered as completed and will not be made up. If the session is disturbed by the instructor due to the Internet problem, a make-up session will be held before the exam.


Access to this Course:

Applicants from all over the world can have access to this course. If it is possible to pay for the courses, they can take part in these online classes from anywhere in the world.