CEO Welcome Note


I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome you to Goldis website.

Goldis aspires to pursue a two-fold objective. At a micro level, we strive to make learning English a rewarding experience for the wide plethora of learners who trust us, to empower them to interact with the world and pursue their professional dreams as conveniently as possible, and to assist them seize academic and vocational opportunities in diverse sectors of education, trade, industry, and tourism to name but a few. At a macro level, Goldis has set as its ultimate goal the promotion of educational standards be adhering to well-respected principles and insisting on pedagogically advocated techniques that have proved to facilitate the learning process and to inspire learners. The publicly acknowledged ripple effect such educational policy has had on other pedagogic programs in local schools and universities underscore the extent to which Goldis has managed to realign language pedagogy in our community.

As the manager Director of Goldis, I proudly announce that we persevere in our attempts to assist our teaching staff develop professionally so that they can tailor their practice to Iranian learners’ diverse needs and interests and in our endeavor to boost accountability among our administrative staff lucidly reflected in our commitment to take into account your comments and constructive criticism.

All the members of Goldis thriving family are genially welcome and the prospective members are cordially invited to join.

Homa Rafieyan

MA in English Language Teaching (ELT)

Goldis Managing Director