MSRT is a General English Language Test for entrance examinations of National, Azad and non-profit universities for Master and PhD Programs

Educational Content:Simultaneous concern to both language skills and exam skillsTeaching and enhancing skills ofo   Listening

  • Grammar
  • Reading and comprehension
  • Conversation and interview
  • Multiple choices exam answering skills training

Using sample TOEFL tests approved by ETS and English language tests of previous entrance examinations of local and Azad universities for master and Ph.D. programs

Holding two mock test simulating real test

Educational Quality

 After Entrance and Training exams, result diagrams are revised, compared and analyzed by our Evaluation and Tests Creation expertise. Analyzes results will then be informed to the department principal, instructors and the learner himself/herself as well to make the necessary changes in the educational contents or methods of teaching for further and more educational and training productivity.


Instructors of the courses are elicited and invited among expert instructors and universities faculty members in Tabriz who are mostly among excellent rankings of universities and educational centers.


One term

Term Duration

2.5 months (10 Weeks)

Course Capacity

Minimum of 8 and Maximum of 20 Learners

Examinations and Evaluation

At the end of Training courses no final examinations take place. The instructors’ performance qualification and learners learning level will be evaluated by Training Tests during the term.

Admission Conditions

Participating in the placement test to enter Pre-Intermediate level

Presenting valid certification  certifying the learner’s English language skills in Pre-Intermediate level

One of the GOLDIS graduates’ comment:

GOLDIS is the best institution I’ve ever experienced.
In addition to informative teachers, books are rich
and in accordance with the needs of learners.
Reza Faraji