Students at Goldis come from all different levels of society with almost all knowledge background- from children who attend kindergarten to university students or graduates. They are evaluated by our experienced and educated staff through a test known as” Placement Test”, which consists of oral and written tests, and then led to the level which suits their level of knowledge most. Since there is a grave focus of attention on accuracy of this procedure, mostly these evaluations are desirable; however, if one is not placed in the right class, our teachers at Goldis are asked to introduce the cases to the directing staff. They will make sure if one is supposed to change level or no.

After they start learning with us, considering that every student learns differently, we make sure we support these different learning styles. Whether they are a kinaesthetic, visual or auditory learner, or a combination of all three, we provide a variety of tasks and a supportive learning environment to meet their learning needs. We also ensure we address students’ motivations and find ways to motivate them according to their situation or desired study goals. Many of our students comment on how successfully we managed to transform their dislike of English before starting to learn at Goldis to a love of the language that made studying here the best time of their life.


Goldis Buildings & Classrooms

Buildings for Goldis are located in different parts of the city, so that it is convenient for everyone. At the same time, coziness and tranquility of them is taken into account and we have tried to choose the most proper ones for our students.

Every classroom at Goldis is equipped with a TV and DVD player. This provides us with the perfect environment to maximize student interest. I addition, we house an extensive teacher resource library, constantly updated to allow for the latest in teaching resources to support our talented team.