Tolimo stands for Test of Language by the Iranian Measurement Organization and is produced and administered by the Iranian Measurement Organization for post-graduate students at MA and Ph.D levels. This exam is like the paper based TOEFL which was administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS). All the Iranian candidates for receiving Ph.D have to obtain a satisfactory score on the TOLIMO.

Language skills in TOLIMO :

  • Listening Comprehension which consists of 3 subsections:
    • Short Conversation (30 questions)
    • Longer conversation (8 questions)
    • Talks (12 questions)
  • Structure and Written Expression which has two parts:
    • Incomplete Sentences (15 questions)
    • Error Recognition (25 questions)
  • Reading Comprehension which contains:
    • 5-6 reading passage and 8-12 questions about the passage
  • Writing which requires
    • writing an essay of about 300-500 words

  • Scoring  Procedure. Score for each section of the test has its own scale and will be measured accordingly. Then the scores for each section are added up and the product is multiplied by 10 and finally divided to 3.The score for writing section ranges from the scale of 1 to 6. The passing score in this section is 4.